The Fund Council is a representative body of the Fund donors and other stakeholders and is the decision-making body of the CGIAR Fund.  The Fund Council takes decisions by consensus. If consensus is not possible, then the proposed decision will be postponed or withdrawn.  The Fund Council Chair leads the conduct of the Fund Council’s business, chairs the Fund Council meetings, and represents the CGIAR Fund in external fora.

The Council’s key responsibilities are as follows:

1.       The Council provides oversight on the use of funds from the Fund, based in part on reporting, audits and other assurances of due diligence regarding use of such funds provided by the Consortium.

2.       The Fund Council sets criteria, standards, formats, and processes for funding Mega Program proposals from the Consortium, in consultation with the Consortium. It enters into a results-based program performance agreement with the Consortium on each Mega Program, on the basis of advice from the Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC).

3.       Recognizing the Consortium Board’s core responsibility for resource mobilization, the Fund Council contributes to the development and implementation of a joint resource mobilization strategy for the Fund, so as to provide adequate and predictable funding for Mega Programs.

4.       The Fund Council takes decisions on resource allocation on behalf of all Fund Donors for Window 1. For Window 2, the Fund Council plays an equalizing role, advising donors to channel part of their resources to underfunded programs in the event that one or more program is overfunded. The Council also ascertains that the Consortium has in place effective accounting and control systems and processes to ensure that funds transferred to the Consortium are used for their intended purpose.

5.       The Council’s monitoring and evaluation responsibilities include appraising the performance of the Consortium in meeting its obligations as defined in performance agreements on the basis of information provided by the Consortium.  If necessary, the Council takes corrective action such as withholding funds in exceptional circumstances. The Council commissions periodic independent evaluations of Mega Programs (and cross-cutting themes) as needed. In addition, it monitors the performance of the ISPC the Fund Office and its own fund allocation mechanism.

6.       The Council performs several governance roles including appointing the Chair of the Fund Council, proposing arrangements for the Chair of the Funders Forum, and appointing the Chair and members of the ISPC. It leads the process to identify the head of the Fund Office for the World Bank to appoint, and, when needed, suggests a replacement. It approves the ISPC and Fund Office work programs and budgets. It also provides conflict of interest guidance for the Fund.

7.       The Fund Council reports to Fund Donors on the use of their funds and results achieved and reports to the Funders Forum on progress in implementing the Strategy and Results Framework and flags imbalances in funding Mega Programs. This reporting is based on information provided by the Consortium. The Council also updates Fund donors on future funding prospects.